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Facts & Questions

I do not have a team. Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes! Individual sign-ups are welcome. Do note that upon sign-up, the Organizing Committee of SUPC 2023 will be randomly grouping participants into groups of 3-4 participants. Once the grouping is set, we will let everyone in the team know through email.

Can I get a refund in the situation that I am not able to attend the Conference?

Refunds will not be made to participants should they willingly withdraw with a written notice to the Organizing Committee. Please submit the written notice of your intention to withdraw to our Liaisons Executive, Ms Yu An an email at 

I am an international student who is not currently residing in Singapore. Can I still join SUPC?

Yes! International participants and their liaisons will have the option of staying in a UTown accommodation, with the cost being borne by the participants. Accommodation is offered from Thu, 15 June 2023 to Sat, 17 June 2023. 

I tested positive for COVID-19 and will not be able to attend the Conference.

Refunds will not be made to participants who test positive for COVID-19 and is thus, not able to attend the conference. Please drop our Liaisons Executive, Ms Yu An an email at to surface your withdrawal.  

Must all my team members be from the same university?

Absolutely not! Participants are free to group amongst themselves as long as they are matriculated students in local or international universities. We still require the verification of matriculation status on the first day of SUPC 2023, where we will verify the matriculation status of participants in-person.

Can't find an answer to your question? Email us!

Feel free to drop our Liaisons Executive, Ms Yu An an email at to surface your queries. We will try our best to revert as soon as possible, but replies may take up to three working days.

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