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Across the academic year, PSSOC organizes a multitude of events starting from the annual Political Science Freshmen Orientation Camp (PSCamp) in July. Beyond encouraging a more vibrant student life, alumni networking and professional skills workshops are also a staple in our calendar as we seek to prepare our members for their impending commencement ahead.

Political Science
Freshmen Orientation Camp

The annual Political Science Camp (PS Camp) inducts freshmen into the PS family at NUS. In the process, they make new like-minded friends and gain valuable life and academic advice from their seniors in the political science community. 

Wellness with PSSOC

The Society's welfare initiatives begin with the semesterly welfare pack distribution to keep our PS undergraduates and PSSOC members fuelled up for their final examinations and assignments. Our professors were treated with the same care packs too! No one complains about too many snacks! 


NinetyPercent is an annual forum that has discussed a host of engaging and controversial local and international topics, such as the role of the PAP in Singapore or political liberalisation in China. Panelists have included prominent academics, Members of Parliament and representatives from civil society and NGOs. 

Diplomatic Study Trip

In August 2022, the Political Science Society of NUS (PSSOC) embarked on a diplomatic study trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to strengthen transnational partnership with Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Universitas Nasional (HIMAHI UNAS) and FPCI Chapter Universitas Indonesia.  In addition to this, PSSOC visited the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta, to better understand Mission's role in political exchange between countries amidst increasing global uncertainties.

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