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Module Guidebook

Since AY21/22, PSSOC has published a semesterly module guidebook to provide more information about political science modules offered in the upcoming semester. This new initiative contains the PS major, second major and minor requirement(s) for different cohorts, ModReg details and schedule, FAQS and more importantly the module information of the modules offered next semester. This aggregates the different information across the PS department website, NUSMods, LumiNUS.

The latest Guidebook also contains exclusive interviews with Professor William Bain and A/P Terence Lee!

Access our latest version for AY22/23 Semester 2 here!

PSSOC Module Guidebook AY2223 Sem 2.png


Our semesterly program will match you up with your peers who have similar academic or career interests. You will gain a buddy or two to discuss modules, exchange advice on career development, and most importantly, forge friendships and networks with your fellow PS major students! 

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Post Script

Since 1967, PSSOC has been the custodian of student writing arising from the NUS political science community. Some of our most notable publications include Political Pulse and Post-Script. Here, you can some of the most interesting interviews with your favorite professors as well as opinion pieces and academic papers all meticulously researched and written by your peers and alumni.

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